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Harmony is born out of a genuine empathy for the horse and a compassionate awareness of the mental and physical impact of the work on the horse.

Magazine Article

From Practical Horseman Magazine

"Amateur Status - What Would Have Helped Me" by Erin Bentley Klosterman

When I (just barely) met my self-imposed deadline of owning my first horse by age forty, I thought I was an advanced beginner in the saddle. Only after getting Allie did I realize how much less understanding I had on the ground. In the months this mare and I spent trying to figure out who was boss, I was tempted many times to sell her—until I found dressage trainer Tonja Dausend, based in Gilroy, California.  (Editors Note:  Tonja has since moved to Valley Springs, CA.)

After a few months of Tonja’s showing me what to do and teaching me to speak “horse,” Allie’s behavior changed enormously. More important, so did my attitude about dealing with her.

By emphasizing horsemanship and by tailoring a program to my adult-amateur needs, Tonja was able to turn my attitude, and my horse’s completely around. I’m very glad I didn’t sell Allie—because once we worked out who was boss, we developed a very rewarding partnership, both on the ground and in the saddle.

Excerpted Practical Horseman, April 2000 © 2000 Practical Horseman, A Primedia Enthusiast Group Publication. Reprinted by permission of Practical Horseman Magazine, P.O. Box 589 Unionville, PA 19375. For subscriptions to Practical Horseman call 1-877-717-8929.


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