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Harmony is born out of a genuine empathy for the horse and a compassionate awareness of the mental and physical impact of the work on the horse.

Teak; One of my greatest teachers!

Still going strong and teaching horsemanship at age 32!


Teak is living proof of what careful training and sturdy conformation can do.


Going strong at age 30!

Teak was born in 1977 and was purchased as a yearling colt by Tonja’s grandfather. Teak sired a number of offspring, some of whom are still performing in their 20’s. Tonja started Teak under saddle when he was five. They did a lot of trail riding together and participated in trail classes, western pleasure, hunter under saddle and dressage. Teak is also a lesson horse, helping riders improve their horses’ mental and physical well-being, responsiveness to the aids and purity of gaits.

Teak in his younger years

Teak and TonjaTeak and Tonja 1987Mike, Teak and Teak's son, C'est Moi

Teak and Morgan Teak and Shana Teak and Shana

Teak at age 28 Teak at age 30 Teak at age 30

  Teak at age 28 Teak at age 30.Teak is one of the many horses Tonja Dausend has had performing happily and sound well into their 20’s

Teak and Tonja

August 23, 2011 Teak had been feeling poorly for about a week. The vet thought it was likely that he had a mild stroke or heart attack. I put out a flake of alfalfa and a scoop of senior pellets for Teak one morning but he wasn’t interested. As I was putting more varieties of food out for him to try, Teak saw the open gate, gave it a nudge and decided to go exploring. I didn't mind at all. Teak made his way around the barn, tasting the various weeds along the way. None of them were to his liking. He rounded the barn and sauntered up to the house. He stopped on the front lawn and finally found something he liked - the front lawn! The sprinklers came on after a little bit so he headed to a mulberry tree where he munched happily on the leaves. Teak seemed to enjoy standing under the shade of the mulberry tree and nibbling the fresh greenery. I had to leave for an appointment so I put Teak back in his paddock. He was munching contently on his food when I left. When I got back from my appointment, Teak was gone. He appeared to have gone quickly. The vet said that he most likely had a heart attack or stroke. Teak was a wonderful teacher and missed very much..


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