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Harmony is born out of a genuine empathy for the horse and a compassionate awareness of the mental and physical impact of the work on the horse.

'Part Time Angel'

‘Part Time Angel’ was born in 1986. Angel came into my life as a gangly 2-1/2 year old.


From the beginning, Angel was a nervous horse. Even in the company of other horses in pasture, she would pace. Kept in a stall, she would pace so badly that she would twist her shoes off.

The first 6 months of Angel’s training consisted of familiarization and long lining. As I started her under saddle at the age of 3, I was astonished that she was actually calmed by the presence of a rider on her back. At 3½ years old she was introduced to trail riding, walk/jog Western Pleasure classes and Poker rides.


From there we dabbled a bit with reining. We developed a 10’ slide and fast correct spins but we gave that up after learning from veterinarians and my farrier just how hard reining was on horses.

My first priority has always been to keep my horses sound. With that in mind, we embark on a journey into dressage.

In spite of her limitations as a dressage competition horse, Angel was eventually able to perform all of the Grand Prix movements with the vigilant guidance of Charles de Kunffy.


Over the years Angel competed successfully in Hunter Under Saddle, Western Pleasure, Showmanship at Halter, Trail, Cattle Sorting and Team Penning. Despite her nervous temperament, Angel went on to become a magnificent lesson horse for students of all skill levels in various disciplines.

As a precautionary measure, at the age of 15, Angel was thoroughly examined and x-rayed by a veterinarian. The veterinarian said that, in spite of some very early stages of ringbone, Angel was sounder than most of the horses he had seen that were half her age. The beginning of ringbone was due to Angel's predisposition to pace and never developed into a problem.

Later, Angel and I began studying with Erik Herbermann who helped me refine my aids and improve Angel’s balance to a degree I never thought possible.

Sadly, while my husband and I were out of town, Angel had a fluke accident that left her with a condition called Fibrotic Myopothy. She is no longer up for clinics but she still benefits from light trail riding and enjoys a little arena work now and then.


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